Will we be housing homeless people on our campus?
No. We want to help people who are homeless and in crisis situations through providing basic needs, biblical counseling, and a gospel witness. But we won’t have the facilities to house people on campus. We want to make every effort to keep our campus safe while we are helping people move from their point of need to hope in Christ.
Will the Ministry Village duplicate ongoing ministries and community services?
We are going to involve people who have a good awareness of existing resources in our community, so there shouldn’t be any duplication. We will do what we can do to serve people in need and direct them to other services that we are not equipped to provide.
What about ministry to illegal immigrants?
There is a large and growing population of Spanish-speaking immigrants in our community, and however they got here, we choose to see them as people who need Jesus. We are going to let the state worry about their status; we are concerned about their souls. Offering an ESL class and an invitation to church is good ministry, not a statement about U.S. immigration policy.
“Expungement clinics” were mentioned as part of the Ministry Village. What is that?
Expungement is a court-ordered process where the legal record of some criminal cases can be erased in the eyes of the law. This process can help people to have a greater chance for employment. In Tennessee, only certain criminal records can be expunged (cases where charges were dismissed, a defendant was found not guilty in a trial, a person was arrested but not charged, etc.). Our church would only be the space for the clinic to happen, provided we can offer some sort of gospel witness. See tncourts.gov/expungements for more information.
Should we spend the money to do such a large project in this economy?
These are definitely strange times economically. Thankfully, our local tourism/service economy is somewhat insulated from the global economic situation. Organizations like UT and Dollywood are currently spending hundreds of millions of dollars on building projects. We can’t be certain about what is going to happen in the future, whether it is inflation or the price of materials, but we are clear about what God has called our church to do. If not now, when?
If our Hispanic Ministry needs more space, why don’t we take care of them first?
We are going to begin immediately to expand the meeting space for our Hispanic Ministry by modifying the building they are in.

Why not move the Hispanic Ministry to the Chapel or somewhere else?
It would take a very large investment of time and money to get the Chapel and nearby restrooms in shape to house our Hispanic Ministry. Pastor Miguel Videla and other leaders in this growing ministry of our church would like to stay where they are if we can enlarge it.
What are the plans for the Park Road property? Can we put the Ministry Village there?
We continue to seek the Lord for wisdom on how to make the best use of the Park Road property. There are currently no plans for building anything on it. Since it sits below floodplain, there would be added expenses to building anything on it. The area at the south end of our campus (Building G) is perfectly positioned to house the Ministry Village.
Why not just leave students where they are?
In order to make room for our Ministry Village, students will need to move to Building C, while the children move from Building C to the newly constructed building. This would dramatically improve the layout of our campus and the flow of people on Sundays. Currently, families with kids in multiple age groups crisscross the campus to drop off and pick up kids and make their way to and from their own Life Groups. With students on the main part of the campus and preschool/children just outside the Worship Center, families will be less spread out.
Our children are fine where they are. Why move them at all?
Moving the children into a new building is the first domino that has to fall in order to reconfigure the campus so that we can attain our vision. This move will also improve the safety of our children.
How will Building C be renovated for our students?
The Family Life Center will still be a multi-purpose gym. The other space would be configured to accommodate student ministry. Our new Associate Pastor of Students, Corwin Kulig, will be involved in this planning process.
Is there anything for our Senior Adults in this plan?
For the past three years, Pastor Scott Andrews has done an excellent job leading our Senior Adult Ministry. Our Seniors are active, fired-up, and ministry minded. Senior Adults will be involved in Preschool and Children’s Ministry through the upcoming moves, and they will surely serve as volunteers in our Ministry Village. Seniors already comprise a large part of the ministries that will be the foundation of the Ministry Village.
What will happen to Senior Adult Life Groups that meet in Building C?
We are making plans to provide ground-floor space nearer the Worship Center for Senior Adult Life Groups.
Can we include a covered drop-off in the building plans?
Yes. The plans will be drawn with a covered drop-off at the main entrance.

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