Calendar and communications request

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Calendar/Event Request

Requests will not be marked on the calendar and reserved until the request form is turned in with all information, approved by the church, and the fee and liability form is signed. Request not directly related to an FBC Ministry (showers, socials, meetings, receptions, etc.) by church members or outside groups will be granted solely at the discretion of FBC and are subject to the following fees: Parlor, Fellowship Hall, Life Group Rooms - $50 (minimum) Family Life Center, Gym at the Crossing - $75 (minimum) Cloth Tablecloth use - $12/8 each Paper Tablecloth use - $2 each ***Fee quote will be determined for 50 or more people for FLC or Gym at the Crossing at the discretion of FBC Staff. The above fees refer only to a 5 hour period determined by the arrival of the first guest and the departure time of the last guest. The fee shall not be prorated. Events extending beyond the original request may result in additional fees. Examples include arriving or leaving outside of the scheduled time, additional set-up requests upon arrival, and/or any significant clean-up required to restore the room to its original state. *** Fee and Liability forms will be sent once an event is approved.

Communication Request

The Communication Team is here to help you get the word out about your ministry event and or communication needs! We strive to reflect the heart of your event while maintaining the best practices to ensure effectiveness, clarity, and consistency. Since there is a limited amount of time, energy, and space that can be given to communications at FBC Sevierville, we sometimes have to make difficult decisions about what things will be promoted in which capacities. Any communication decisions are made based on the church’s mission and vision and the purpose, target audience, timeframe, and detail of the requested event. *Please note that until your request is submitted in its entirety (dates, contact information, written material, etc.) we cannot lock in a deadline. We need to have all information before we can guarantee a completion date. Even if you do your own design, it needs to have Pastoral approval before being used. Finalization of communications will be at the discretion of the Pastor and the Communications Team.