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Upward Basketball & Cheerleading FAQ’s

Church: 865-453-9001 After hours: 865-389-8526
website: Sevierville.Church  
Facebook: Upward Basketball Sevierville

Thank You!
We know your family time is valuable and we’re honored you’ve chosen Upward as part of that time!

What do I do at evaluations?
You should have already registered and been sized. You’ll learn a little about Upward in this short session and then go to the gym for an evaluation that will help us balance the league as much as possible.

What is Upward About?
Build self-esteem in the kids
Build character
Introduce them to Christ
To learn the game of basketball or the sport of cheerleading

When will I find out what team I am on and when we practice?
You should hear from your coach by the week of Thanksgiving.

Can I be on a team with my friend?
The league is designed to be a balanced, fun environment.  A great deal of that fun is playing against your friend man-to-man for a whole game as well as meeting new friends.

New in 2019 - What if I have to ride with someone?
The draft will balance the teams over honoring carpool links.  Due to tournament play, carpools are only honored in Pre-K and Kindergarten leagues.

New in 2019 - Can I request a specific coach?
You may request a specific coach by noting it on your form.  You are not guaranteed to get this coach.  It will depend on practice night exclusions you select and the night the coach chooses to practice as well as the balance of the teams.

How often do we practice?
You will practice once each week for exactly one hour.

Does Kindergarten or Pre-K practice?
Kindergarten and Pre-K do not practice basketball through the season.  Practice and games are both on Saturday for that league. They do practice a few times before the season begins.  Kindergarten cheerleading does practice for one hour each week.

Where are practices held?
We hold basketball practice at the two gyms at First Baptist Church.  We hold cheerleading practices in the large rooms in the Family Life Center at the church.

Will my kids practice on the same night?

f you have 3 or more kids we strive to keep you from being here all week. About half the league has more than 1 child participating, so it’s difficult to coordinate but we will work with extenuating circumstances as best we can.

Does everyone practice?
No. Pre-K and Kindergarten basketball teams have a combined practice/game day experience on Saturday mornings. All other basketball leagues practice and all cheer squads practice

Are there pre-season practices?
Yes, all teams will have 3 pre-season practices scheduled. Kindergarten and Pre-K will have 2 pre-season practices.

What is my time commitment?
1 hour each week for practice (except as noted above)
About 1 ½ hours on Saturday
-Arrive about 15 minutes early to get with team and ready for intros
-1 hour game
-About 15 minutes after game for post-game awards

What time are the games?
The exact schedule for basketball will depend on the number of teams in each league.
  • We start at 9:00am each Saturday and end around 5:00pm.
  • The younger kids play earlier in the day and the older kids play later in the afternoon and evening.
  • Your game times will be approximately the same time each week.
Cheerleaders will cheer for teams in their age group, so those times vary as well.

Where are the games played?
We play at the two gyms at the church and in the Harold Ownby gym at Sevierville Middle School.

Who do we play?
We play teams within our own program.  We had approximately 50 teams total.  Last year our smallest leagues had 4 teams and our largest league had 8 teams.  Cheerleaders cheer for different teams each week, so everyone gets to see the cheerleaders and every team gets cheered for.

When do practices and games start?
Oct 17, 22, & 24 - Evaluations
Nov 1 - League Directors begin drafting teams
Nov 18 - Coach Training and Roster Distribution
Dec 2 - First practices begin this week. Exact day depends on your teams practice night
Nov 25, & Dec 2,9,16 - Skills & Drills Basketball Camp (included in your registration)
Dec 23 – Jan 3 - No practices (Christmas Break)
Jan 11 - First Game Day
Feb 29 - Final Game Day

What color are the uniforms?
Red and Black

What shoes do I need to have?
Nothing special is required, just safe with rubber soles.

Do I need to buy the uniform shorts?
No. Those are optional.

Do I need to buy a cheer turtleneck?
No. That is optional.

Am I required to wear or dress in any specific way?
Cheerleaders may wear their hair any way they like. Players may wear whatever socks or shoes they like.  The only specifics are that you must wear your Upward T-Shirt and Jersey or your Upward Cheer Top and Skort.

What are the goal heights and ball sizes?
PreK – K: 25" - 6’
1st – 2nd Girls: 25” - 8’
1st Boys: 27.5” - 8’
2nd Boys: 27.5” - 8’
3rd – 4th: 28.5” - 9’
5th – 6th: 28.5” - 10’
7th – 8th  girls: 28.5” - 10’
7th – 8th  boys: 29.5” - 10’

What leagues have tournaments?
3rd grade through 8th grade